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Standup Desk 48" Crank Adjustable Height Sit to Stand Up Desk

The Best Affordable Standing Desks (Under $400)

The first thing people typically ask me about any standing desk is its price. They’ve all heard about the fancy $3,000 “smart” standing desk and the $22 IKEA hack, but good information about the vast majority of standing desks that fall between those extremes can be hard to come by. Most folks seem interested in […]

Topo standing-desk mat

The Best Standing-Desk Mats

A standing mat, sometimes called an “anti-fatigue” mat, is the first accessory you should get for your standing desk. This essential accessory lets you stand comfortably much longer than you’d be able to on a bare floor or on office carpeting. Throughout the months of May and June 2016, we evaluated five of the best-regarded […]

Leonardo Da Vinci horiz

The Definitive Guide to Actual Famous Standing Desk Users

Did Da Vinci Really Use a Standing Desk? Probably Not. But Plenty of Other Famous People Did and Do. You know that thing where a plausible-sounding but demonstrably false idea takes on a life of its own and becomes conventional wisdom? It would appear that this phenomenon is afflicting the lore around famous standing-desk users. […]

standing desk under $600

4 Electrically Height-Adjustable Sit-Stand Desks Under $600

A free-standing, electrically height adjustable desk is arguably the best solution to your sitting problem. These kinds of desks both work well and look good. As recently as just a couple of years ago, you had to pay at least $1,000 for a high-quality electric standing desk. Now there are many affordable standing desksĀ available for […]

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The Elements of Personal Workplace Wellness

Our long-term goal at Well9to5 is to help you achieve true high-level wellness at work. Right now we're focused on standing desks and related "active office" gear, but we also pay attention to ergonomics, "office fitness," and personal wellness.

The Active Office

Inactivity at work is slowly killing us and wrecking our backs. Standing desks, active seating, treadmill desks, and other active-office solutions can prevent sitting disease and keep you out of pain.

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Office Ergonomics

Keep your body and your gear in harmony. Ergonomic self-care practices keep you comfortable, healthy, and productive at your desk.

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Office Fitness

You can't exercise your way out of sitting disease. But adding non-exercise movement to your day and doing exercises that counter desk-work patterns can help keep you fit and healthy in the office.

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Much more than the absence of illness, wellness is a holistic way of tracking your progress toward a healthy, balanced, meaningful, and happy life.

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Advice on how to maintain an active-office workstyle.

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